I am a freelance writer and editor, social media manager, and amateur photographer. You can view samples of my equestrian-focused essays and articles on HorseChannel.com. My parenting & humor site is Frantic Mama.

As for photos, I’ve taken many of my favorite photos where I currently ride, at Hardwood Creek Farm  in Hugo, Minnesota. I have also had the honor of capturing images of the lovely rescue horses at Sundown Horse Shelter in Minnesota. I also try to take show photos when I can, as well as other nature shots.




FASH Shot 3


Hardwood Creek 2015


Pink Bunny in the Snow


Snowy Jed :: 2015 with logo


Barred Owl






Cuteness! with logo




Brown & White with Logo




Goodbye w:logo




Morgan Horse


getting ready black and white

Jed's Eye with Logo

As you can see, I love photographing the horses, the riders, the stable, the tack, and children simply enjoying life outdoors… ALL of it!

I also offer personalized social media help to riding centers, non-profits, farms, and more. Let me help promote your business with essays, articles, and social media (Facebook, Instagram, e-Newsletters, a website, and more!).

E-mail me at JuliaSArnold@gmail.com for more information.



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